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Cockpit Extension

Adding a cockpit to a 61-foot Hatteras motor yacht.

Coming soon

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  • Painting
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    Who We Are
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    We've been around since 1975.

    Starting in 1975 at 2110 Halls Mill Road, we quickly acquired the property next door, where we build our own design of tunnel boats, and repair trailable boats in addition to warranty repair for many of the dealers in the area. Most of the fabrication is performed at this site.


    In addition, we have kept a crew at Dog River Marina and Turner Marina for many years, acting both as subcontractor and serving our customers. We have repaired many heavily damaged vessels and even fabricated and installed cockpit extensions on several yachts.


    Our technical expertise and capabillities are unmatched on the Gulf Coast, and we draw customers from all over the Southeast. Our reputation for quality work is well known.

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