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Fiberglass RepairThis 65 Euro from Houston, Texas, was heavily damaged in Hurricane Ike and came to Dog Rivers for repairs. We performed the fiberglass repair and then it was painted, rigged and interior updated by Dog River Marina craftsmen.
65 ft Euro 65 ft. Euro
65 ft Euro 65 ft Euro
This 55' Carver was on drydock in Tennessee next to a building that had burned, and the hull was cored with rigid PFC core which had melted. We recored the entire hull in alternating panels to keep the correct shape, then faired the entire side and primed it. Dog Marina personnel painted the entire vessel. The owner noted that the side we restored was more fair than the side than the untouched side.
The 2400CC SeaPro stringers were damaged and had broken loose from the deck. We removed the entire deck cap, repaired the stringers, and rebedded the deck to the stringers.
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