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RestorationRestoration is one of our specialties. This rare 20' Bertram Baron had extensive deck and floor damage, requiring disassembly and repair to floor stringers, transom, and deck before careful reassembly. We don't cover any cracks, however small: All defects are ground out and glassed prior to fairing to prevent later reemergence.
Bertram Baron 20 ft. Bertram Baron 20 ft.
Bertram Baron 20 ft Bertram Baron 20 ft.
This Negus 17 was originally built by us for Negus Marine 30 years ago. Recently this gorgeous vessel was completely restored by us.
Negus 17 Negus 17
Negus 17 Negus 17
This 35-year-old 20' Bertram center console was totally restored last year for the original owner's sons who found the vessel in poor condition and had it restored for their father.
Bertram 20 Center Console
This flats boat is an orginal Maverick. We replaced all the wood bulkheads and floor with lightweight cord panels and reassembled it for the customer.
Maverick 18
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